Emerge 2015 Research Study

Investigators: Megan Halpern, Brenda Trinidad, Carlo Allende, Ed Finn, Ruth Wylie

We would like to better understand your experiences at Emerge, in part, to create more engaging projects like Emerge in the future, and in part to understand the relationship between presenters and audiences. Our findings will be reported internally to build the next Emerge event, and will also be published as original research in peer reviewed journals. We were observing Emerge 2015 and asking you about your experiences. We will be wearing “Research” buttons to identify ourselves as members of the research team. You may see us walking around with cameras or audio recorders, and we may ask you a few questions. If you wish to opt out of the study, please find a member of the “research team” and ask them for a yellow sticker. The staff will give you an unmarked yellow sticker that indicates you should not be approached for research purposes. You are free to decide whether you wish answer our questions. There is no penalty for declining to answer our questions. You are also free to decline to answer any particular question but to continue the interview. If you would like to speak with us more about your experience, you can contact us at emergeresearch@asu.edu and we will contact you for a more detailed interview. In most cases, our research will not result in the collection of your personal information. Because you are participating in a public event, you may appear in photographs taken by researchers.

Who can I talk to?

If you have questions, concerns, or complaints, talk to the research team at emergeresearch@asu.edu. This research has been reviewed and approved by the Social Behavioral IRB. You may talk to them at (480) 965-6788 or by email at research.integrity@asu.edu if: