Making Up the Future of Truth; From Shattered Glass to Te’Oing—A Creative Experiment

Location: Stauffer B Room 103

Workshop Leader: LEE GUTKIND, ASU

Special Guests: BUZZ BISSINGER (Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author of Friday Night Light)MARLENE TROMPDONALD MARINELLIEMILY STAMEY, and DAVID GUSTON.

Truth is in the eyes of the beholder. Fact and accuracy can be debated, and manipulated by performance–the art of writing or telling in a convincing manner. Participants in this workshop will be challenged to untangle truth from distortions and lies in stories that they are told by a panel of “Truth Talkers.” They will learn about a variety of techniques that writers use for pursuing truth and accuracy, and organize into “truth teams” to apply what they have learned. They will then prepare a presentation for all of the Emerge participants about the future of truth–based upon their experiences in this workshop. BUT–Some of what they tell the audience in relation to what they have discovered during the workshop will, of course, not be true, thus presenting to all of Emerge an uncomfortable truth: that definitive truth has no future–only selective truths.


Thursday Feb 28th 8:00-09:00am Registration at  Stauffer B, ASU Tempe Thursday Feb 28th 9:00am-12pm Welcome and Opening at Stauffer B Thursday, Feb 28th 1-5pm & Friday, Mar 1st, 9am to 5pm Workshop See full schedule for other conference events.


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