EpiCenter Stories


Location:  Nelson Fine Arts Center (FAC) 222 (Thursday) & 233 (Friday)

(these rooms are across each other) How do our lives reflect and shape the truths we live with? Epicenter stories insists that there is evidence of all the disciplines that we need to know – history, math, physics, music, dance, poetry – surrounding every individual in her life or in his life, wherever that life is lived. These stories live in the jailhouse as well as in the university as well as in the museums as well as in homeless shelters. In this workshop participants will create a group epic that serves as a foundation for multidisciplinary connections between literary art, science, math, and the dramatic, performing and visual arts. This collective epic will explore the future of truth and our relationships with knowledge—the words we carry with us throughout our lives.


Thursday Feb 28th 8:00-09:00am Registration at  Stauffer B, ASU Tempe Thursday Feb 28th 9:00am-12pm Welcome and Opening at Stauffer B Thursday, Feb 28th 1-5pm & Friday, Mar 1st, 9am to 5pm Workshop See full schedule for other conference events. PARTICIPANTS: Andi D Edgar C Emily C Heather R Kathryn M Lori H Marsha M Mary H Moheeb Z Susan L Victoria C Bonnie W Hannah K Ilona B Michael D P Michele L Tamsin C Win B