Emerge 2020

We, the Emerge team, regret to inform you that the March 21 Emerge 2020 event has been postponed until further notice. In light of the current public health emergency, we believe we must do our part in ensuring a safe and healthy environment for our community. A new date and time has not been set, but we will keep you updated as we learn more.

If you have any questions, please contact Emerge@asu.edu

Sincerely, The Emerge Co-Directors

What does it mean to eat in a world of increasing environmental extremes?

Explore this question at Emerge 2020: Eating at the Edges. Bring your hands, noses and mouths — they are critical tools! Together, we will think and taste our way through asking what alternative forms of food production, distribution and consumption we should consider to build a more inclusive, equitable and delicious culinary world.
Emerge 2020 is presented by Arizona State University in partnership with:
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