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Tyler Eglen

Tyler Eglen is a teacher in residence at the Center for Science and Imagination, where he develops science and technology curriculum for young learners. He holds a master’s degree in fine arts in theatre performance and is currently working on his master’s in global technology and development. He has worked as a STEAM educator in both formal and informal settings in Phoenix for the past seven years.


GastroGrub3d is asking the question: Can combining a novel food production process (3D printing) and a novel food base (powdered insects) take us beyond novelty and create beautiful, nutrient-rich, customizable snacks that meet the diverse dietary needs of the U.S. population? Our current animal-protein food industry is not sustainable for a growing world, but initiating a massive cultural shift away from American food staples will take innovation and creativity. Join us for this technological and culinary adventure with an open mind and an empty stomach!