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Roy Wasson Valle

Roy was born and raised in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and moved to Arizona when he was 11. He holds a BFA and a MFA from Arizona State University in Sculpture. He works with his partner Koryn. Koryn is a Phoenix native, and holds a BFA from Arizona State University in Art Education. The team have been working together since 2011, and created Camp Dreamtree and the world of Crystal Burn for Scottsdale Public Art in 2014. The primary focus of their work is the respect for wonder and joy in the world. They have two amazing daughters, who keep them focused on the importance of the art experience being for all ages. As a team, they make work under the name, Fireweather Studio, providing Interactive Intergenerational Installation work that is fun and thought provoking.

Mars Made: Retroforms Future Cactus Garden Experience

Mars Made: Retroforms Cactus Garden Experience is a speculative futures exhibition of work from a Martian Artist Residency Program in the 23rd Century. This show is an artist’s reaction to a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit and experience the Martian environment. From the original underground lava tube gardens to the black sky views […]