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Fiberhouse Collective

Nica, xiili, and Justin represent the Fiberhouse Collective.

Nica Rabinowitz is founder and director of Fiberhouse Collective. She is an artist, designer, and educator working at the intersection of biological design, social justice, farming, and textile creation—exploring handcraft from farm to fabric and from soil to soil. Her practice is rooted in the restorative properties of natural dyes and locally foraged, found, and farmed materials. Nica can be found crafting and experimenting in the studio, the field, or in the lab.

xiili sarkela is a research scientist and maker based in occupied Lenape lands (Princeton, NJ). xiili works at the intersection of fungi, microbiology, fashion, and justice. Kye is involved in collective practices of bioremediation and harm reduction to build the world we want beyond and through the toxic realities of environmental racism. Kye has been working at Princeton University on kyr own mycelial art practice. xiili also has a background as a plant-based chef and facilitator and developer of speculative fashion curricula.

Justin Victoria is a professional fabricator. He has a background as a boatbuilder, cabinetmaker, and woodworker. He is also a certified permaculture farmer with years of experience in companion planting and building everything from earthships to fruiting chambers.

Fashioning Fungi: The Threads that Connect Us

Mycelial threads, the root-like systems of mushrooms, are a hidden network that connects plants and trees in symbiotic relationships. Mushrooms are nature’s decomposer, breaking down not just trees, but also other cellulose-based materials, including cotton and linen. We are proposing the speculative use of mushrooms as a closed-loop solution to textile waste and food scarcity. Through a partnership with the fungal queendom, we can turn our unwanted clothes into a food source by training edible mushrooms to decompose cellulose-based fabrics. Our living and growing garment and fruiting closet blurs the lines between food, fashion, art, science, and technology.