Party of—

“Party of—” is an interactive performance installation that explores what it means to eat by asking questions about consumption: How do/are you consume/d? At whose expense does consumption happen? Can one avoid being consumed by what one consumes—that is, “becoming what you eat”? What are the structures that uphold oppressive systems of consumption? While interacting with each other and with the audience, the performers will play the roles of the consumer and the consumed using dance, theatre, and spoken word. Anchoring the performance space is a large table with place settings made of various forms of packaging, scraps of material, and receipts. At first, the performers are contained by a transparent barrier that separates them from the audience. This denotes the largely invisible production and consumption cycles present in all our lives. Through this work, we seek to make those cycles more apparent and visible to audience members. We will activate the entire performance space through soundscapes, interactions with the audience members, durational performances, and tactile art engagements. Upon entering the space, audience members will encounter a table set just for them and the performers guiding them through the interactive experience.