Mars Made: Retroforms Future Cactus Garden Experience

Mars Made: Retroforms Cactus Garden Experience is a speculative futures exhibition of work from a Martian Artist Residency Program in the 23rd Century. This show is an artist’s reaction to a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit and experience the Martian environment. From the original underground lava tube gardens to the black sky views from Olympus Mons, this show is a representation of the feeling from being in an Earth alien world. Viewer’s of all ages are invited to experience an environment which wonders at the possibilities of human expression in a human inhabited interplanetary solar system. This exhibition is the culmination of work developed through a collaboration with ASU’s Interplanetary Initiative under the Pilot II project: The Five Senses in Space and a Sculpture Master of Fine Arts program to create a full immersive environment with a fun and positive vision of the future. The Mars Habitat and future cactus garden are compliments of one another with a basis in speculative science and imaginative artistic expression. instagram.com/fireweatherstudio