GastroGrub3d is asking the question: Can combining a novel food production process (3D printing) and a novel food base (powdered insects) take us beyond novelty and create beautiful, nutrient-rich, customizable snacks that meet the diverse dietary needs of the U.S. population?

Our current animal-protein food industry is not sustainable for a growing population, but initiating a massive cultural shift away from American food staples will take innovation and creativity.

3D printing within the food industry is still in its infancy, but shows promise in complex and unique shapes, textures, and structures, as well as incredible customization in personalized ingredients and data-driven nutrient matching. What it lacks in industrial output potential, it makes up for in individuality.

Insect-based foods are seen as a novelty in the U.S., with only a few select restaurants designing high-dining experiences that use insects. Public opinion generally dismisses them as unpalatable and “gross.” But crickets (along with mealworms, beetles, and even scorpions) offer a more sustainable, nutrient-rich alternative to traditional meat sources.

GastroGrub3d wants to bring 3D printed insect based snacks to the public, with the hope of getting people to consider how options are changing. Our team draws on our experiences as nutritionists, chefs, and technologists to create uniquely sustainable and nutritious snacks for you to try!