Author: Nina Miller

Emerge 2015: The Future of Choices and Values

Past Emerges

Ars Robotica - teaching a robot to dance.

Dancing robots. Google Glass theatre. Wearable electronic utopias. Cameras that record in deep time for 100 years. Fine art created by algorithms. Emerge is a festival of artistic and scientific visitations from the future featuring performance, improvisation, games, dance, hands-on opportunities to design and build the future, and a multimedia performance by Radiolab co-creator Jad Abumrad!

Emerge 2015 Research Study

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Investigators: Megan Halpern, Brenda Trinidad, Carlo Allende, Ed Finn, Ruth Wylie We would like to better understand your experiences at Emerge, in part, to create more engaging projects like Emerge in the future, and in part to understand the relationship between presenters and audiences. Our findings will be reported internally to build the next Emerge […]

Artwork Forge

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Photo by Brown Family Album, used under CC License

A coin-operated robotic art-dispensing machine that scans the Internet for inspiration and creates customized paintings on 4” x 6” blocks of wood.

Future Design Studio

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Photo by jritts, used under CC License

Create your own prototypes of artifacts from the future. From parking tickets to coffins, the Future Design Studio asks you to imagine what everyday objects look like in the future, and then invites you to watch as improv performers from The Torch Theatre create the world in which your objects exist.