Stuart Candy


Stuart Candy (@futuryst) is currently the Mitchell Visiting Professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. An award-winning experiential futurist and design professor, Stuart aims to bring foresight to life using immersive, participatory and guerrilla interventions in support of public imagination. His work has appeared at museums and events around the world, on the Discovery Channel, and in the pages of Wired magazine and The Economist. He is a Fellow of the Long Now Foundation and the Museum of Tomorrow.

™ [Tomorrow’s Monster]

Center for Science, Gods, and Tomorrow

The future belongs to those who create it. At ASU’s Center for Science, Gods, and Tomorrow (CSGoT, ~seesgot), we intentionally generate and introduce aberrations into the natural order. We do this in the service of human and planetary improvement. Led by a world-class, interdisciplinary team of scientists, designers, theologians, and marketers, CSGoT is an engine of invention and productive chaos.

A populace at rest is a nation of zombies. A populace seduced by capitalist greed is a vampire on the souls of people and nature.  A populace unable to see the difference between charity and justice can’t understand their Jeckyl and Hyde existence. CSGoT builds a new kind of monsters—figures that wake us from our slumber and unleash us from our cognitive mummification.

CSGoT combines cutting-edge science and technology from structural biology, materials science, robotics, and meta-intelligence into creations that challenge our moral traditions, our political formations, and our market mechanisms. Our latest creation, (Tomorrow’s Monster), is the most advanced and most challenging monster we’ve ever created. It is, in our view, the pinnacle of science and art. The details you’ll have to find out for yourself.

All of this was created at ASU by ASU researchers and engineers. Join us for this year’s “Night of the Open Door” to get a first peek at , to meet representatives of the CSGoT team, and to contribute financial and organic donations. In another first for ASU and the “Night of the Open Door,” the public will also have the opportunity to attend the initial Institutional Review Board hearing for . This is the first year since it’s founding in 2036 that CSGoT will participate in the “Night of the Open Door,” so you don’t want to pass up this opportunity to see tomorrow’s monsters today!