Welcome to the Future of Truth

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Dawn has risen over the desert flatlands and industrial hardscapes of the Valley of the Sun and Emerge 2013 is about to begin. We have gathered some of the world’s leading thinkers, creators and makers to explore the future of truth.

Aristotle wrote about truth in terms of logic, calling what is, is, and what is not, not. That system defined the world for centuries. It finally came into question somewhere in the modern Bermuda Triangle of James Joyce, Kurt Gödel and Marcel Duchamp. But Aristotle also wrote about poetics and poiesis, which is a way of making the world. He didn’t mean material creation, assembling the atoms into structures, but rather the way we unite matter and time into a universe that means something. Poetics is a creative process for writing the world, and writing yourself into the world. We understand the universe through stories.

Over the course of the next three days we’re going to hear some tall tales, some profound truths and some boldfaced lies. Emerge is not about combatting particular visions of the truth, but rather starting new conversations. Can’t wait to see you there.


  1. I’m an rather un-gracefully aging man who stumbled upon your site through an interesting article i was reading on Slate. I am more concerned about truth than i am the future (since mine is more chronilogically limited). I’ve seen my own demonstrations of “truth” in my life and i’ve seen my own and larger definitions of it change — significantly! How is it that “truth” can change? And if truth can change, can the future also? And, having never actually BEEN any distance into the future, how can we truthfully know if it has changed or will change at all? So, i suppose i’m more interested in truth and i’m resigned to letting the future take care of itself or be managed by far more knowledgable humans than myself (or the machines we create). Personally, i don’t ‘believe’ truth and the future are intrinsically related, but i’m very interested in the discussions your workshops will provide. May i eavesdrop?

    • mlim says

      hi Al Zale, thank you for dropping by here… while the workshops themselves were completed (Emerge2013 event was rounded on Saturday March 2nd), you’re welcome to eavesdrop here, through our online videos and materials. thank you!

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